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Thanks to generous community donors and the support of Robert Bruce employees, the 44 families received $50 gift cards to Walmart Neighborhood Market to buy groceries and other necessities.

Make a Difference Day


On October 21, 2020 Altrusans donations of $540 was delivered to Robert Bruce School for Make A Difference Day.  Along with our donation, the staff of Bruce School and Walmart will buy grocery gift cards for one needy family in each class at Bruce School!  The families will also receive books for their children.  We donated 171 books for the children.  Thank you all so much for your donations to this project.  The Principal, Mrs. Caruso and Teachers Monica and Stacy thanked us profusely for our donations!

Mireya Pena and the Little Library

Mireya Pena and the Little Library, Mireya with some of the children's books and Sharon, Mireya and myself holding up brochures of services, etc. the Family Services Center provides.

Santa Maria-Bonita School District

Even a global pandemic can't keep Altrusa International of Santa Maria from honoring local students for their excellent academic, citizenship and Volunteerism efforts.


On Wednesday, May 6, 2020, members of the Altrusa of Santa Maria organization drove in a caravan of vehicles to

the homes of 10 local junior high students to present them with awards.  This annual recognition is usually done at a special dinner event, however, social distancing requirements meant that creative methods were needed.


The Altrusa members' cars were decorated with balloons in the appropriate school colors as they drove to each student's home.  Teachers, principals, families and friends were invited to the driveway celebrations.  A couple of Altrusa members played musical instruments to add to the festivities.


The winners of the 2020 Altrusa International of Santa Maria Junior High Awards are:



Valeria Nunez-Tommie Kunst Junior High

Rossy Tinoco-Cortes-El Camino Junior High

Emily Guzman-Fesler Junior High

Nirvana Humbert-Arellanes Junior High


Other districts:

Juliana Rodriguez-Benjamin Foxen School

Allen Stewart-Lakeview Junior High

Delanie Singh-Orcutt Junior High

Sebastian Callis-Orcutt Academy

Nicole Ante-Olga Reed School

Mekenna Balcita-Kermit McKenzie Junior High


Thank you, Altrusa International of Santa Maria for supporting and honoring local students who are

making a difference in our community.

Robert Bruce School Activities

Twenty-Ninth Annual

Holiday Extravaganza

November 23, 2019

"Countdown to Christmas"

Christmas 2019

Altrusa adopted a family from the Salvation Army and gave them a tremendous Christmas with presents and Christmas Tree.



hoe picture 2019.jpg

Picture: Larry Stevens, Lorine Edens, Sandi Miller, Ginger Prior, Hilda Zacarias, Joe Ann Ryle, Leona Doidge, Ed Miller, Vonnie Stewart, Betty Baxter and Diane Alleman-Stevens

Altrusa of Santa Maria's "Hoe Down With The Hounds" was another success.  This was the seventh annual event that was held at the Elk's Club raising $12,048.02.  The total amount given to the Santa Maria Humane Society by Altrusa is $63,019.88. 


Altrusa was honored to recognize our local veterans by having the Honor Guard of Los Prietos Boys Camp, who presented the flags and did the flag salute. 


In addition to local attendance, there was support from Arizona, Nevada, Ventura, and Hawaii.


Altrusa extends thanks to the Santa Maria Times, the local merchants of Santa Maria, and the Santa Maria Elks Club Members, specifically, Club Manager, John Maretti, for all their support with this event. Thank you to all the members of Altrusa for their outstanding contributions for the success of this event.